Blvd. Vito Alessio Robles No. 2451
Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico 25230
Phone: +011 52 (844) 438-7800 
Fax: +011 52 (844) 438 7847

ISO 9001:2008

Pace opened the Saltillo Division in 1994.   The operation was started as a joint venture to service a large customer in the electric motor industry.  Since then, the operation has grown rapidly and has expanded its capabilities and customer base.  The facility has completed 2 expansions since opening.  In 1995, 80,000 square feet were added and in 2002, we expanded another 100,000 square feet.  The plant currently has over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The operation not only provides aluminum die castings, but also offers a variety of value-added services.  The creation of the Saltillo Division highlights Pace's commitment to our customers and the Saltillo Division continues to exemplify that uncommon dedication each day.


  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • Electric Motors
  • Lighting
  • Utilities

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Pace Saltillo machining ranges from simple drill and tap processes to complex CNC operations.  The finishing capability includes trimming, deburring, shot blast, vibratory, tumble, paint, chromate, and impregnate.  We can also provide fully machined and assembled components, packaged according to the customer’s desire.

Die Cast Equipment:

  • Die Cast Machines (600 to 1200 Ton)
  • Hot Oil Units
  • High Efficiency Central Melt Furnaces
  • Trim Presses

Finishing Equipment:

  • Shot blast (hanging and tumbling)
  • Vibratory Machines
  • Sanding Equipment
  • Related Equipment

Secondary Equipment:

  • CNC Machine Centers
  • Custom-built Machining Centers
  • Milling Machines
  • Turning Lathes
  • Drill and Tap Units