Aluminum Die Casting:

There are many reasons why Aluminum is the most commonly cast non-ferrous metal in the world.  Aluminum is light, strong, corrosion resistant, non-staining, highly conductive, non-magnetic, accepts many finishes, and is very cost effective. Further, since die cast aluminum alloy is 95% post-consumer recycled material, aluminum die castings are a very green and sustainable alternative.

Die casting is a rapid production process that allows a high volume of parts to be produced very quickly and more cost effectively than alternative casting processes.  Aluminum die casting tools last between 50,000 and 400,000 shots, depending on the application and the class of the tool produced. Add these factors together and you will see why aluminum die casting has become the most favorable option for buyers worldwide.

Pace’s capabilities in aluminum are unmatched.  Whether you consider our footprint, the industries we supply, our years of experience or our manufacturing capabilities, you will find that Pace offers advantages beyond any other supplier in the industry.  Aluminum die casting capability is often defined by machine sizes.  Pace has aluminum die casting machines that range from 350 Ton to 1,800 Ton, giving us the ability to serve almost any industry and application.


Aluminum Die Casting Divisions:

600-1,650 Ton
400-1,200 Ton
600-1,600 Ton
600-1,800 Ton
600-1,800 Ton
600-1,200 Ton
350-800 Ton