Pace Industries routinely machines prototypes from aluminum or magnesium bar stock with impressive dimensional and cosmetic accuracy.  Customers will often be able to photograph our prototypes for catalogs or brochures prior to production castings being available. We are also able to build zinc molds out of inexpensive steel that will allow actual die cast samples with a lower cost of entry.

Prototype production requires experience and insight into innovative and unique machining techniques beyond typical tooling and production machining.  Our associates have these unique skills.

Generally speaking, our practical size envelope is 30” X 16” X 10”, however we can be creative to work with somewhat larger parts when needed.  We are capable of making prototypes in quantities from one to several hundred, depending on the nature of the program.

During a prototype build, our mold builders can also detect unnoticed design issues that may affect casting production such as undercuts, poor radii, or features that would create thin steel conditions in the die cast tool.

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Prototyping Divisions:

Aluminum & Magnesium
Aluminum & Zinc